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Part One: (Section "A" Uniform) + (Section "B" Personnel)

Judges: (2) Military or Law Enforcement preferably, function, highest rank in charge.

Highest rank assigned to Inspect Personnel. Lowest rank assigned to record demerits. Should be furnished a clipboard and Pen. Score Forms to be delivered by Escort.


Personnel Inspection of Classified Corps and Unclassified Corps is based on reparedness, neatness, cleanliness and uniformity.

The first Corps member inspected will establish the Corps uniformity.


Since Shrine Temples often use more than one regalia supplier; color, style, tassel, pins, etc. are not uniform. Therefore the Judge will inspect Fez position- one finger above eyebrow- shrine emblem centered and square on the head. A maximum of two tassel pins acceptable, but not inspected. No other pins permitted.


All must be made of same material, color, design and press. Patches, awards, wing, etc. will be judged on a uniform basis (all wear the same, or the minority will be giged). Pockets empty and buttoned. Medals and pins denoting rank accepted. Jackets, coats, and shirts not conforming do to a physical impairment will not be giged.


All must be the same material, color, design and style.


Must be same material, color, and design and freshly pressed. Pockets empty and buttoned. Pants not conforming do to a physical impairment will not be giged.

Note: Total allotted time to Judge Corps Personnel -10 minutes.


All Corps members within same Corps must be uniform in that their belts and buckles are exactly alike. Sashes and cummerbunds (if worn) should be of the same material, color, design and style.


All Shoes/Boots must be alike, in good condition and well polished. New Shoes/Boots poorly polished provides a good chance for gigs. Signs of excessive wear, poor maintenance, and over-run heels will be giged. Shoes/Boots not conforming do to a physical impairment will not be giged.


Gloves should be same color, style, stitching and have no stains. Hands should be clean, and fingernails trimmed and clean. Wedding rings and Masonic rings permitted. If wrist watches worn, should be identical and made by same manufacture.


To receive full credit, Corps personnel must have had a haircut within 24 hours prior to inspection. Any hairstyle acceptable if clean and well groomed.


Shave should be within a few hours before inspection. Beards and moustaches acceptable if clean and well groomed.


As noted on the Score Form, credit should be extended to those Corps personnel who strive to emulate their once military bearing. Much consideration is also do to our members who may be physically impaired, put forth much effort to compete. However, standing at attention means you suck in your gut, eyes forward and forget about breathing.


Part Two

(Section C-1 Equipment = 2-Wheel Vehicles)

(Section C-2 Equipment = Multi-Wheel Vehicles)

Judges (2) Military or Law Enforcement preferably function, highest rank in charge.

Highest rank assigned to Inspect Equipment. Lowest rank to record demerits. Should be furnished clipboard and pen.

Note: Chief Judge should be very explicit in his instructions to equipment judges. There is a distinct difference between classified (uniform) vehicles and unclassified (individualistic) vehicles.

Note: Approx. allotted time to judge each Corps vehicles -10 minutes.

Reviewing the guideline of Section C-1 (2-Wheel vehicles) compared to Section C-2 (Multi-Wheel vehicles) -it isn't too difficult to translate the same evaluations to vehicles with more wheels. Looking for perfection the Classified vehicles (Uniform or all alike) points out irregularities easy to spot. Unclassified vehicles (Individualistic or different kinds in the same Corps) requires a little more thorough inspection, yet perfection means prime condition. Record gigs using a slash mark. No numbers

"Remember" Classified Corps Equipment Inspection is based on Preparedness, Cleanliness and Uniformity

Unclassified Corps Equipment Inspection is based on Preparedness, Cleanliness and Individuality.


Vehicle alignment for Inspection -front wheels on a straight-line -side by side in a manner to allow the Judges ample room to walk between the vehicles. Consideration is due older vehicles in good condition and well maintained. A declaration should be made to the Judge of damage incurred enroute to competition. Any other is prohibited.


Many areas in this category prevail for- dirt -dust- loose wires showing -smudges on windshields, mirrors and etc. No gigs for small scratches on old windshields or an uncontrollable condition that actually is a scaling of the lamina surface


Does your gas tank have gas stains around the filler cap or any of the related fuel system? Any road deposits under the fenders? Remember that the judge cannot touch the vehicle. He must bend over to look.


Does your seat show excessive wear or cracks?


Any signs of fiberglass cracks top of trunk lid? Support brackets rusted?


The fins of an air-cooled engine are tough to clean, especially if a cylinder head gasket leaks. What about oil and dirt on the engine?


This area includes the front and rear suspension systems. Very little area of the frame is exposed on some newer vehicles, yet is often overlooked.


These suffer the greatest wear from normal use. Pegs and floorboards should not be severely worn as the vehicle is expected to be in prime condition.


If the tires are worn below the wear point, don't expect a good score.