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When possible we should use a total of five Judges for the Drill. Head/timer Judge, and four field Judges. Descriptions of the Judges duties follow below. Note the four field Judges will be scoring all four scoring categories. In the past a Judge only scored one category and because of viewing angles he might miss some gigs (so it became luck of the draw if a unit got gigged).

Head Judge (50 total points possible)

Strategy: Positioned at the entrance/exit of the drill field with stop watch. Units may produce and give to him a list of maneuvers. Judges A) Time, B) Required Maneuvers

  1. Time 10 points possible
    Focus on What vehicles, When
    1. On Time to drill field 5 points possible
      each team must be at the drill field at the designated time unless the delay is caused by factors beyond their control
    2. Time on field 5 points possible minimum 5 minutes, maximum 10 minutes
  2. Required Maneuvers 20 points possible
    Focus on What, When, Where

    2's O 4's O Figure 8 O Opposing circles O

    For each of these maneuvers each maneuver must be at a position on the field in direct relationship to the other vehicle. Ex. in figure 8's each vehicle must cross the path of the vehicles at the same time. For opposing circles, the pathes of the two groups must be at the same time and place next to each other.
  3. Optional Maneuvers 20 points possible
    Focus on What, When, Where

    Vehicles do not have to be paired but must perform a maneuver in relationship to all other vehicle (ex. shoot the arrow). Slash marks a made for each new optional maneuver. A maneuver done twice or in different directions is not scored, nor are required maneuvers.

    The scorer determines the points scored in relationship to the scores of all the teams in that catgory for optional maneuvers by the formula discussed earlier, #maneuvers/ most maneuvers.

All points are totaled by scorers for A, and B.

Field Judges A, B, C, D (when possible) 50 points possible

Strategy: Place judges at mid-points on each boundary line. The scorer will average out the score for each category below.

  1. Ease of Handling 10 points possible
    Tactics, Focus On Who (Rider error) and What vehicle does (Rider error)

    Gigs for Foot down (two wheel if not done by all members), Tipping vehicle off a wheel (multi-wheel if not done by design), Running into boundary line, Hands off handle bars or steering wheel, falling over
  2. Interval and Distance 15 points possible
    Tactics Focus on Where each vehicle is in relationship to the others

    Gigs for vehicle out of alignment front to back ( i.e. interval), side to side ( i.e. distance) and alignment (i.e. out of position in a larger spaced maneuver) The above category usually produces the most gigs.
  3. Execution of Drill 15 points possible
    Tactics Focus on What, Where, When How

    Gigs for vehicles touching or striking (unless designed), changing of speed to catch-up or fall back into position, getting lost in routine, herkie/jerky transitions from maneuver to maneuver. Large gaps between vehicles when in tight maneuver ( 5" better than 5')
    Rounded turns verses tight crisp turns, Calling out maneuvers or timing by voice
  4. Difficulty of Routine 10 points possible
    Tactics Focus on What, When, and How

    Indicate your assessment of overall difficulty of the routine with 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest.

    Note: When scoring the first of several units in the same category leave room on either side of your score to allow room for later units.

Note: Article VIII -Section 4- GLASMC by-laws -No 'TWO WAY RADIOS will be allowed on the competition field for any Unit competing on the drill field and being directed off the field in any fashion.