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It is suggested that due to the unknown problems involved locating areas suitable for competition that the Obstacle Course used be the combined choice of the GLASMC President and Competition Chairman.

Judges needed per Obstacle Course.

1. Judge -Timer

Check data top left of Score Form to be correct.

Record time of each rider/driver.

Record name of Corps member.

Record pylons knocked down and touched.

Unclassified Corps -Record 2-Wheel Class (cc's to cc's)

Unclassified Corps -Record Multi-Wheel Class (lbs. to lbs.)

2. Judge – Course Observers

Reports pylons knocked down.

Reports pylons touched or pushed off location.

Keep personnel off Obstacle Course during competition.

Rules and Regulations -Obstacle Course:

  1. No rider/driver may drive the Obstacle Course before the start of competition. Anyone doing so will be disqualified. You may walk the course before the start of competition.
  2. The same vehicle cannot be ridden/driven by two (2) different individuals.
  3. All Obstacle Course participants must stand Inspection.
  4. All members of the Inspected Corps are permitted to compete in the Obstacle Course. The sum of the two- (2) best individual times equals the total score.
  5. Each rider/driver's time starts as the vehicles front wheel crosses the starting line and ends when the front wheel crosses the finish line. The vehicle must come to a complete STOP within the allowable 30 foot distance to the second stop line. VIOLATION is DISQUALIFICATION.
  6. No penalty if foot touches ground.
  7. Pylons knocked down adds three (3) seconds per pylon to total score.
  8. Pylons touched or pushed off location adds one (1) second to total score.
  9. If rider/driver leaves course pattern as laid out, he must re-enter at point of exit.
  10. Unclassified Corps may enter all Inspected vehicles, however the score will be the sum of the two (2) lowest individual times of the same classification
  11. Max. security should be tight in the area of the Timer Judge.
  12. Max. safety should be stressed at the entrance and exit of the Course.
  13. To save time all member of a Corps should walk the Obstacle Course as a group.
  14. To prevent name errors and save time the Corps Captain should present a list of his members running the Obstacle Course to the Timing Judge.

Obstacle Course Route